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Creating and sustaining environments that optimize performance and bring out the best in your people has many components: good leaders, the right people, the right products, supporting systems, and a clearly understood and agreed upon foundation (mission, vision, values).


As a leader, you are key to creating and maintaining this environment in your organization. The culture you create shapes your employees' level of results and their commitment to the company's future.  

At Unlimited Potential, we use a combination of coaching and consulting to help you build and sustain an environment that brings out the best in others and increases your team's and organization's performance. Everything we do links back to your company mission, vision, values and goals.



Overview of Consulting Tools and Services


  • Leadership Development results in insights, skill development and new behaviors that increase performance and prepare for future positions


      • Deliver leadership training programs that result in optimized performance (see Training Programs Overview tab for more information)
      • Administer Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
      • Assess and coach on emotional intelligence
      • Teach Situational Leadership and Coaching Model
      • Design 360º feedback process
      • Coach and develop future leaders to ensure successors are in place to fill key positions
      • Lead forums and group coaching sessions to learn from each other, improve relationships, and increase overall business success


  • Social system process design results in higher levels of employee engagement, loyalty and productivity


      • Create Workforce Planning process that evaluates need to build or buy (develop and promote from within or external hire)
      • Implement Interview and Selection system the ensures right skills and right 'fit'
      • Design and implement Performance Management System
      • Complete Cultural Assessment
      • Write Job Descriptions that ensure clear baseline expectations
      • Create organizational communication plan
      • Design Employee Lifecycle systems that link to vision, mission, values and goals.


  • New manager development results in accelerated performance and integration of new managers and their teams


      • Lead new manager assimilation meetings
      • One-on-one coaching
      • Lead forums and group coaching sessions to learn from each other, improve relationships, and increase overall business success


  • Team development results in high-performing, aligned business teams (leadership, key initiative and intact teams)


      • Facilitate New Team Development (intact or key initiative)
      • Lead and facilitate Process Improvement teams
      • Facilitate Strategic Planning sessions
      • Lead team improvement and assessment efforts



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