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Leadership Essentials Training


Program overview

This 12-month program teaches established managers the critical skills necessary to effectively lead with impact and see measurable results that matter. We do this through instructional training, providing significant opportunities to practice these skills, and gain individual feedback and coaching throughout the program. Our belief is that true ah-ha moments occur in the correct performance of the desired skill. This program is designed to accelerate those moments by providing a great deal of skill practice and performance feedback.

  • 12 months – 8-10 hours per month
  • Includes:

    › One 6-7 hour training per month, including lunch

    › 2-3 hours for class-specific project time per month

    › Monthly coaching check-in calls with trainers

    › Quarterly face-to-face coaching sessions with trainers
    and with peers to practice and refine newly gained skills

  • Limited to 15 participants


Primary objectives

  • Skill development: Training and opportunities to use the new skills and behaviors.
  • Link to the bigger picture: Creating the link between new skills and the guiding principles of your organization.
  • Connection to other local managers: Opportunity to connect with other managers to gain different perspectives and see leadership from a different view outside of your company.  


Areas of Focus

  • Self-awareness
    • Leadership style
    • Values
    • Behavior preferences
    • Current skills assessment
  • Daily operations
    • Business finance basics
    • Project management
    • Time management
    • Meeting management
    • Creating and delivering effective presentations
  • Team management
    • Team development
    • Conflict management
    • Leading self and others
    • Employee selection and on-boarding
  • Essential leadership tools
    • Organizational foundational principles (vision, mission, values)
    • Strategic planning
    • Performance management
    • Situational leadership
    • Communication
    • Accountability
    • Trust and relationships
    • Negotiation



Who should attend

  • Managers with at least 2 years of experience in a supervisory position
  • Project managers
  • Leaders who desire to take on greater leadership responsibilities
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Program Details

  • Classes held the fourth Thursday of every month from 8am - 3pm (lunch provided)
  • Two to three hours of project work per month – schedule determined by project




Your Leadership Team

Beth Romano

  • Founder of Unlimited Potential (2004)
  • 20+ years as internal Executive Coach and Organizational Effectiveness Manager with Fortune 100 companies
  • Nationally known coach and social systems consultant
  • Certified coach and trainer
  • Fun, optimistic, animal lover


Sam Aarons

  • MA, Organizational Communication. MPA
  • Multi-industry operational business process consulting
  • Human performance, leadership development, change management powerhouse
  • 10 years CxO and multi-level training, coaching and mentoring
  • Positive, fun, flexible and fearlessly dedicated to life



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