360 Assessment (360)

The 360 Assessment is a valuable tool that allows you to receive anonymous feedback from a range of people that you select on a variety of topics, including leadership characteristics, skills and behaviors. Feedback is obtained from managers, peers, direct reports, customers or other stakeholders. 360-degree feedback allows each individual to understand how his/her effectiveness is viewed by others.

I use 360s with individuals, leaders and teams to increase personal awareness and help them understand their impact on others. This typically results in accelerated performance, promotions, and more time to focus on what is most important.

Services provided when you select this assessment include:

  • Administration of rater invitations, assessment and data collection
  • On-line access to assessment and results
  • 90-minute debrief and action plan
  • Other tools to enhance learning, as appropriate
  • 30-minute check-in to assess progress

NOTE: This assessment is also included in my Leadership Coaching service.