Highlands Abilities Battery (HAB)

The Highlands Abilities Battery is the best kept secret in the array of assessments. This assessment is unique because it measures your natural abilities – your innate talents, gifts and abilities. It has nothing to do with your education, job title or work experience, race, gender, place of birth or preferences. HAB is an objective way to assess those natural abilities.

Individuals, leaders, parents, teens and others can use this assessment to increase their personal awareness to increase performance, create a plan to develop new skills, make career choices like changing or selecting the ‘right’ career or make education decisions.

Services provided when you select this assessment include:

  • On-line access to assessment and results
  • 90-minute debrief and action plan
  • Access to on-line tools to explore careers, locations and salary ranges that link to your profile
  • 30-minute check-in to assess progress

To learn more about this assessment, go to What is the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) Assessment.

NOTE: This assessment is also included in my Leadership Coaching service.