About Me

My name is Beth Romano. I love life and look for the good in every person I encounter. My personal mission is to help successful people be their best, recognize their value and live the life they were meant to live with no regrets.

I am confident, independent, collaborative and playful! I think that’s why my clients say that I make hard things simple, have the courage to say what needs to be said and what they need to hear.

I spent many years climbing the corporate ladder within Fortune 100 companies, working in Executive Coaching and Organizational Effectiveness roles. In 2004, I left the corporate world to start my own business, Unlimited Potential, and continued to do the same type of coaching and consulting work. After a few years, I realized that what was most important to my clients was not focusing so much on business results as it was on increasing personal awareness, building relationships and having the courage to focus on the things that mattered most. That’s when I changed my business emphasis and started to help leaders focus on being the person they were made to be and living life with no regrets.

I have had lots of experiences that built the foundation of my life. I love the great outdoors, nature and animals as well as art, history, theater and music. I grew up in the suburbs of NJ with my parents and my younger brother. We went on many family vacations to the beach, historical sites and international destinations. My brother and I went to 4-week sleep over camp every summer. This launched my love for horses and the great outdoors and helped develop my self-confidence and independence.

Because my family lived so close to New York City, I was exposed to opera at the Met, Broadway theater and great concerts! This fueled my love for music and theater which continued throughout my life. In my teen years, I worked on hot rods and rode dirt bikes with my boyfriend which activated my adventurous spirit and risk taking.

When I was 23, I moved to Colorado on my own to start a new life and to own horses. I bought a home on six acres where I lived with my two rescue dogs, a foster rescued horse and two riding horses. Because of my love of animals and nature, I took many mountain adventures that included ATVs, horses and camping.

I currently live in the same home with my husband, Gary, and our two rescue dogs. I still enjoy theater, fine arts and concerts (especially at Red Rock Amphitheater), camping, ATVing and being outdoors.

I want to be known as someone who lives a full life filled with love, laughter, adventure and no regrets!