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Women’s Graveyard Group (TGG)

The Women’s Graveyard Group is a new addition to my business and personal purpose because the “mortality mindset” has made a significant difference in my life in a very short amount of time. The Graveyard Group has been serving men since January 2019, led by its creator, Andrew Petty.  But until recently, it wasn’t available to women.  So I launched the first-ever Graveyard Group for women in January 2022. 

In The Graveyard Group, we tap into the power of our mortality to motivate us to eliminate deathbed regrets and live the lives we were made to live.  TGG is for women who want a confidential advisory group to help address issues that most of us put off, sometimes until it’s too late.  Issues could be simple or complex, big or small, a vacation you’ve always wanted to take or a difficult discussion you need to have with another. It’s a powerful way to give the things that matter most the attention they deserve. 

How The Graveyard Group works:

  • With me as your mastermind facilitator, you and five other members meet together once a week for 90-minutes
  • Most meetings have one member in the ‘hot seat.’ In the hot seat:
    • You share an issue, opportunity or challenge while other members listen, ask questions and provide feedback
    • You gain insight and decide what you want to so with the feedback, and
    • Your fellow group members help you stay accountable to your commitments so you can transform your life for the better
  • Other meetings will be a mix of fun and exercises along our journey together
  • Your initial minimum commitment is six months

Don’t wait until life forces you to pay attention to the things that matter most!

“I am a member of the first ever Graveyard Group for women. This group presented the unique combination of accountability and support with compassion and honesty. During a time in my life when I sometimes questioned my own judgement, it has been invaluable to have a close knit group of confidants who seem to know just what to say to guide me. Sometimes the gentle approach is best, and sometimes I need to be hit over the head with a 2×4 so I can see the forest through the trees! We started out as strangers, but quickly formed bonds that I feel will last a lifetime. In addition to different perspectives and heartfelt advice, I gained 5 new girlfriends who I know will always have my back. Anyone who is questioning whether to make the commitment to a group should take the leap, I promise you will not regret it.”

— Autum